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Weifang Special Steel Gas Boiler Dry Desulfurization Project


The scope of application of sodium-based dry desulfurization:

Gas-fired boilers, hot blast stoves, and coking furnace tail gas treatment in the steel industry are suitable for projects with sulfur content lower than 1000 mg/Nm³, and the best reaction flue gas temperature is about 200 °C.

Process characteristics

1. The process is simple, the one-time investment is small, the operating cost is low, the floor area is small, the operation and maintenance are simple, and the whole dry method is used to effectively avoid the generation of white smoke in the chimney.


2. The catalyst of the denitrification system adopts modularization, which is convenient for catalyst replacement. The denitrification reactor is composed of multiple independent units, which can be repaired online or replace the catalyst. The maintenance of a single unit is designed without affecting the normal operation of other units.


3. The SO3 content in the flue gas is extremely low, the oxidation rate of SO2 by the denitrification catalyst is less than 0.5%, and the desulfurization is efficient before denitrification, and the SO3 content in the flue gas after the denitrification catalyst is also extremely low. The flue gas temperature in the whole process is always much higher than the water dew point temperature and the acid dew point temperature, so the temperature of the purified flue gas will not be lower than the acid dew point to cause corrosion, and will not produce acid rain around the chimney.


4. The temperature drop of the desulfurization and denitrification system is small, about 20°C, which does not affect the subsequent waste heat boiler process.

Shandong Weifang Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. gas boiler working conditions:

Outlet flue gas temperature: ≥150°C


SO2 content: 300mg/Nm³


NOX content: 230mg/Nm³ (maximum value, usually below 50mg/Nm³)


Particle content: 5mg/Nm³


Bag dust filter area: 17000m² (single unit)


Export SO2 content: 35mg/Nm³


Export particle content: 5mg/Nm³