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Waste liquid incineration desulfurization project


The project is equipped with one set of waste liquid and waste gas incinerator. It mainly treats hydrogen peroxide waste methanol residue, caprolactam concentrated waste liquid, analytical laboratory organic waste liquid and tail gas discharged from two production systems. The steam boiler with waste gas treatment capacity of 4000m³/h has an operating flexibility of 50~110%.

After the exhaust gas and waste liquid enter the incineration boiler for combustion, the flue gas is dedusted and sent by the induced draft fan to the newly added deacidification system. After a series of measures, the emission of SO2 and particulate matter in the flue gas meets the environmental protection emission requirements. The deacidification tower is designed as an integrated smoke tower, which reduces the floor space. At the same time, in order to remove dioxins in the flue gas, the deacidification flue gas system is designed to install an adsorption bed on the straight pipe section from the outlet of the induced draft fan to the deacidification tower to absorb dioxins in the flue gas. A bypass is added to the straight pipe section to facilitate overhaul.